What Do the Suffixes After CR2032 Mean?

 The CR2032 battery can be found in a few varieties. The suffix after the name of the battery can refer to the battery’s discharge rate, its compliance with the IEC 60086-3 watch battery standard, or its terminal style. Here are a few common CR2032 battery suffixes:

This version of the CR2032 battery has a T2 terminal. There are many CR2032 batteries with their own terminal types. By listing one of these, we are merely scratching the surface.

A three pronged version of the CR2032 battery. The CR2032-V has rubber band coating that holds the two conductive plates to the battery’s opposing terminals.

The “W” in CR2032W refers to the battery’s compliance with the international IEC 60086-3 watch battery standard. This standard defines a way of naming the battery, the battery’s size requirements, and its battery chemistry.

The “H” after CR2032 means the battery can be recharged. It also refers to the battery’s discharge rate. In this case, the “H” refers to a high discharge rate. The CR2032 also comes in medium (M) and low (L) discharge varieties.

These are only a few common examples of CR2032 battery suffixes. Most of the different suffixes refer to different battery terminal endings. Wherever these are found, the terminal ending should match an industry standard across all batteries, not just the CR2032.